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Used Car Red Flags - Signs That the Car Is Not for You or for Anyone

December 18, 2019

It is common knowledge that buying used cars is a very economical way to get a vehicle. The vehicle may not be new, but you're not going to pay more than buying a new one straight from a showroom. But don't forget that, when it comes to used cars, it doesn't come with protection and that it already has a car history. To prevent setbacks, you should always get a used car from a reliable used car dealership. If a dealership is not accessible in your area, you can buy a used car from a private individual you find on a website or community board. Yet, you must know of these used car red flags before you jump on that sweet deal.

Very Low Price? It Might Be Too Good to Be True

All sane car sellers won't price their used cars way too low. That's why senselessly low prices, even for a used car, is the red flag of all used car red flags. Better steer clear from this deal because there's a high probability that you're dealing with a scammer. So how would you know if the price is right? You can search online for the average cost of the used car's make and model and take it from there. When you see that the price you saw is way too low, avoid it at all cost.

Don't Trust the Rust

When buying a used car from a non-reputable person or company, always check for rusts. We all know that rusty interiors and parts can be replaced and fixed, but why should you? And not all rusty car parts can be repaired and set immediately, especially the car frame. When the car frame is rusty, it only means that it only takes a little while for the car to deteriorate. And while you can replace every rusty part of the used car, this will take time and, most importantly, your money. Bottom line, a few rust here and there is quite okay, but if it's too rusty that you can smell the mineral, you're better off without it. Speaking of smell...