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Which Car Color Is The Best To Maintain Value? Pros And Cons

February 19, 2020

If you're trying to choose your own car, the question "which car color is the best" must have passed by your mind. It may be a sort of vanity to some, but we are going to tell you why color matters in this article.

When it comes to car colors, you have a surplus of hues to choose from. Cars can go from simple monochrome to multicolors with different textures and effects. But, not a lot of people see the importance of selecting the right one. In fact, many experts spend some time and effort in trying to predict which colors are going to be trending in the years to come. According to Robert S. Daily, the color-marketing manager of DuPont Automotive, silver and gray colors are becoming more popular nowadays because it is a color of advanced technology. And that couldn't be any truer in today's world where virtually everything is electronic.

But let's digress from symbolism to practicality. In this article, we are going to provide you information on which car color is the best if you're planning to keep its value high (and keep it that way).

Why Car Colors Are Important And Choosing The Best Color Is Crucial

You're probably asking right now, "Why car colors are very crucial?" The answer would possibly shock you: car colors have monetary value. When you're planning to resell your car, it's highly essential to choose the right car color. To help you out in this aspect, it's much better if you want the most popular colors a few years back and the most popular colors experts predict in the years to come.

With that being said, it also helps that you'd know that vehicles with less popular colors decrease their value over time. Although there's no precise amount on how much the car with not-so-popular color depreciates, it's estimated that it can go from hundreds up to thousands of dollars. So, if you're planning to buy a vehicle that you will sell in three to five years, it's better to stick to neutral colors. r

So what are the most popular colors for cars nowadays? Neutral colors, such as black, gray, white, and silver, are among your choices. Bright colors such as yellow, purple, and orange can depreciate your car's value, no matter how good it looks. 

Which Car Color Is The Best?

It's important to remember that we already established neutral colors are the best when it comes to value. But if you're still on the fence with which car color is the best to have among these neutral hues, here is a breakdown. We also add advantages and disadvantages to help you weigh out your options.


Hands down, no matter how much they say "________ is the new black," the color black has been and still is one of the most popular black colors. And to cement that fact, did you know that the Ford Model T, the first mass-produced vehicle in history, came out exclusively in one color - black? But before you do get a car that's black as night, consider these pros and cons first.


It Symbolizes Elegance And Luxury. You may not have enough money to buy an actual luxury car or sports car at best. But, when your car color is black, your car will surely look like a million dollars. Not to keen on making it look luxurious? You can still rely on this color to make your car look fast and enigmatic. Black gives your vehicle the illusion of a curvier and larger car, no matter if you have an econo-car with a boxy design.

A Better Selling Point. Since we are a used car company in Utah, it's natural for us to provide information on reselling cars. Case in point, this advantage of black car. Black cars sell much faster than other car colors because it's proof that you, as the previous owner, took good care of the vehicle. When your vehicle has a darker hue, it's easier to spot scratches and dents, unlike ones with lighter colors. Needless to say, you must be very careful when you own a black vehicle to prevent scratches from happening.


Scratches Are More Visible. We mentioned already that a black, shiny, and scratch-free cars are more sellable than most cars. However, there is a challenge when you own a black car - you have to be really careful not to scratch it. Even the most uncomplicated pressure, like carwash rub, means visible scratches are already there. If you don't have enough time to fulfill the high maintenance aspects of a black vehicle, then you should avoid getting one.

Black Car Gets Hot Easily. Black color absorbs more heat than other colors. If you've noticed, black cars are hotter inside - that's because black doesn't reflect light; instead, it keeps the light in. So if you don't want an uncomfortably hot car, then stay away from vehicles with black color.

Silver and Grey

Silver or grey became one of the most popular car colors because of its association with technology and advancement. But symbolic factor aside, grey or silver also comes with significant advantages as well as some disadvantages to take note of.


Low Maintenance. Silver or grey is one of the easiest car colors to take care of because it doesn't really get dirty or scratched easily. Or at least it doesn't show that much. And, unlike other colors that require you to have your car washed once or twice a week, with a silver or gray car, you can go for months without washing it. Not only is this low-maintenance, but this is also economical as it saves you money from the weekly trips to the car wash.

Easy Touch Up. Again, silver or gray is good with hiding out flaws such as scratches and dirt. But sometimes, scratches are just too obvious not to miss. The good thing with these colors, however, is that it's so easy to touch the flaw up. Simply paint over the flaws, and it will be gone virtually without a trace.


Bland Color. Although practical and economical, let's face it: silver or grey is a dull shade. There's a reason why grey is a color of neutrality; it doesn't have any wow factor in it. Silver may add some shimmer and shine with your car, but it doesn't hold a lot of vibrancy, unlike other colors.

Easy To Forget Its Maintenance. As mentioned, these colors allow you to maintain your vehicle with more extended frequencies. However, due to the leniency it provides, you might forget to clean your car on time. Not giving your vehicle the maintenance it needs can lead to severe damage. To help you out with this, you can set a schedule as to when you cash your car and place it on your planner so you won't forget.


According to a post by The Balance, 15% of cars in the US are white in color. That fact says a lot about its popularity and practicality. But when you're still on the fence if whether to get a white car or not, consider these advantages and disadvantages first.


White Is Literally Cool. Unlike black, white color reflects heat and light. That only means cars coming in white color are much cooler in the interior.

Clean Look. If you've been to car shows, do you ever wonder why most car manufacturers present their new models in white color? That's because white makes your car look spotless and well maintained. Also, carmakers make their models in white color, so it would be easy for them to check on errors. So, no matter if you're going to get an average sedan or a sports car, you can never go wrong when they come in white color.


Everyone Has A White Car. If you want your car to stand out, then it's much better if you go for a different color. Yes, white looks really good on vehicles - so much that almost everyone wants one. 

Not Good At Hiding Dirt. When you drive around off-roads and muddy terrains, getting a white car is not advisable. White cars get dirty easier, and it's much more apparent. White vehicles look dirty even when it's just covered with dust. When this happens, you need to go to the car wash frequently, unless you don't mind a dirty-looking car.

So, which car color is the best? At the end of the day, it's totally up to you. But when you want practicality and higher resale value, the colors we mentioned above are your best bet. Just weigh out the pros and cons ad choose the right color for you. And if you're looking for a used car with any of those colors, check out our inventory by clicking here

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